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Russian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

Economic stability and favourable state policy are of vital importance for the creation of a sane and sound entrepreneurial atmosphere. Lack of infrastructural support and imperfect legislation have led to the establishment of entitles aiming at lobbying interests of small business at all levels. The major among those has become The Russian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (RASME). Created in 1994 on the initiative from the regions, RASME is the first union of small businessmen with a national status having branch offices in over 60 regions throughout the entire Russia.


RASME is a public, non-for-profit and non-political organisation protecting corporate interests of the middle class in Russia.
RASME is a union of pragmatists striving to achieve practical and tangible results conductive to SME development.
RASME is a union of idealists dedicated to the idea of success despite the fact that small business in Russia is only starting to develop.


RASME is aware that only the revival of the middle class in Russia will pave the way to economic and political stability in the country. The following goals have been set up:
- to develop SME in the Russian Federation;
- to create favourable conditions for business awareness in the country;
- to protect the rights of private business both on federal and regional levels;
- to support and develop interregional ties;
- to integrate Russian SMEs into the global economic community.


Co-ordinating of joint effort at the interregional level for infrastructure support of SMEs;
Lobbying interests of small business in the parliamentary and governmental bodies;
Playing an active part in elaboration and execution of national and regional programmes for SME support;
Assisting to businessmen in the establishment of direct economic and commercial ties both within Russia and abroad;
Collecting, assessing and disseminating information on “best practices” within the sector;
Providing consulting, informational, methodological and other support to bodies engaged in small business promotion.

RASME has its committees on basic directions of SME support.
RASME has its regional branch offices in more than 60 regions of Russian Federation.
RASME has its own newspaper “Business for Everyone” which is circulated nationwide.
RASME set up the “Reforms for Entrepreneurship Research Center”, Interregional Marketing Centres System, Leasing Company, Information System for SMEs "Alliance Media".


RASME participates on a regular basis in numerous councils, working groups, etc. on SME policy on Fedral and regional level.
RASME prepares and takes part in conferences and “round tables” on vital problems of SME development.
RASME has working agreements with major federal and regional structures aimed at SME support.
RASME is taking part in the elaboration of the new Federal Law on Small Business in Russia.
RASME attends meetings of the regional administrations on SME issues.
RASME works on a regular basis with relevant Duma and the Council of Federations bodies on issues pertinent to SME promotion.

President of RASME Alexander IOFFE is: a Board member and Chairman of Committee for information support of business of Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industries, a vice-president of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industries, a member of Council on SME under Chairman of Council of Federation (upper chamber of Russian Parliament), a president of Moscow Fund for SME Support.

Contact person: Vladimir Volkov, RASME General Director, tel. +7 495 633 2286, fax. +7 495 609 3453,
e-mail: rasme@allmedia.ru.
Russia, 123557, Moscow, Sredny Tishinsky pereulok, 8.